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Intelligent and safe solutions for water management.

What will the water supply of the future look like?

This is the question we asked ourselves.

We, as the digital brand of BEULCO, made it our business to make the process of the water supply more efficient, safer and cheaper. To achieve this, we use new technologies combined with years of experience in the water industry.


In many countries of the world where water is not abundant, non-revenue water (NRW) plays an enormous role.

In addition to the scarce water supply, there are also high water losses in the network due to damage, unauthorized withdrawal or measurement errors. Future-oriented solutions open up a multitude of new possibilities for water supply - we are at your side as your partner.



Our digital solutions for the water supply


Securing the drinking water network and maintaining drinking water hygiene are key issues worldwide.


Through more transparency and control in the network, influences become visible and optimization potential can be determined.


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iQ TrackIT

Standpipe management- everything at one glace


iQ TrackIT helps you to keep an overview. Manage and rent out your standpipes easily, clearly and efficiently. We want to keep the process easy, with just a few clicks, a standpipe is located, rented out or taken back.

Easy, transparent and safe

iQ water system

Transparency and control in the water network

The IQ water system starts at the transition point from the water supplier to the customer. In addition to adding transparency at the transition point, the IQ water system also offers a saleable added value. The digitalization of the house water connection creates many possibilities for the water supplier, as well as for the customer, that are currently not yet available.

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