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iQ LockIT - Functional pattern explained

The procedure of the process:

  • Once the standpipe is handed over, it is provided with the appropriate code for the hydrant (RFID).

  • If the standpipe is placed on the hydrant and the hydrant is being opened, the electronics in the LockIT (not shown in the video) request the code of the standpipe.

  • If the code is correct, the hydrant can be opened by turning it further.

Note on communication: 

There is no communication link between LockIT and/or the standpipe and the Internet. Only during the opening process, there is a short near-field communication between LockIT and the standpipe. However, the standpipe only has a passive "key", i.e. it cannot actively transmit.

Note to fire departments:

For the safe access of fire departments, they can receive a "master key" for their standpipes.

iQ LockIT

Hydrant protection - smart design!

LockIT secures today's freely accessible drinking water system against unauthorized access and only gives permission to those who have the proper "key".

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