iQ water system

Die IoT basierte Lösung für eine intelligente Wasserversorgung

The iQ water system creates transparency and control in the water network, enabling a new standard of efficiency and safety.


Globally, 30-35% of the drinking water transported by the water supplier to the end-user is lost. Leakage due to leaking or defective components of the water supply network is responsible for this. Often, there is a lack of transparency and control in the network in order to optimally manage lines and thus manage losses more efficiently.


The iQ water system addresses the problems of utility companies and offers a holistic system for network optimization and management.



Transparency and control

For the water supplier, consumption data (water consumption, pressure, temperature) can be called up at any time and can thus be used for network optimization measures.


This information is sent anonymously and encrypted to the utility, which can use this data to draw conclusions about network optimization. Thus, for example, consumption peaks and idle times in the supply network can be identified - so far we only know the total volume. Flexible tariff models can be derived from this and thus consumption peaks or stagnation can be reduced, the network is utilized equally and more effective pressure management can be operated.


Reducing energy consumption

Effective pressure management means that pipes are less stressed, resulting in fewer pipe breaks and leaks. In addition, stagnations in the pipeline network can be reduced or avoided, thereby reducing microbial contamination of the inner pipe surface and thus of the drinking water.


Overall, this ensures improved water quality - and for the end-user, this also means greater comfort. In addition, the supplier has a lower energy consumption. The energy consumption of the pumps that maintain the water pressure depends largely on the pressure. If the pressure is reduced by 1 bar, the energy consumption is reduced by approx. 13%.


On the safe side

The homeowners can use the app to view all consumption data and water costs and thus optimize their own consumption. In addition, the system provides leakage protection. If the system notices leaks or pipe breaks, the water connection is shut off automatically and the homeowner is informed via the app so that major damage is avoided.


The homeowner can also access the water connection independently via the app and thus close or open the valve from anywhere at any time. The app also serves as a means of communication from the water supplier to the consumer. This allows the water utility to send push messages to affected consumers in the event of an emergency, such as disruptions or problems in the water supply.


If there is no water flow for a long time, the valve automatically closes after exactly 72 hours. In addition to security, this holiday function also serves as insurance cover, because if the house or apartment is vacant for longer than three days, the residents must take precautions against cold and water damage. Otherwise, the insurance may refuse payment in the event of damage. This so-called "72-hour rule" is usually in the terms of household or homeowner insurance.