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Intelligent water network monitoring in real time. 

iQ water system

iQ water system

For water suppliers, data such as, water consumption, pressure and temperature are accessible in real-time

iQ water system

Relevant information is transmitted anonymously and encrypted to the utility company, enabling immediate network optimization. In this way, consumption peaks and off-peak times in the supply network can be identified.  Whereas previously only the total consumption volume was often known, consumption peaks or stagnations can be actively reduced and even flexible tariff models can be derived. In this way, the iQ water system contributes to even network utilization and enables digital and efficient pressure management.

The efficient management of water pressure results in less stress on pipe systems, reducing or eliminating pipe bursts and leaks. In addition, the iQ water system, therefore, contributes to a significant reduction in the utility's energy consumption. Just a 1 bar reduction in water pressure reduces the energy consumption of the pumps that maintain the water pressure by approximately 13%. Stagnations in the pipe network can be reduced or even avoided and the water temperature can be constantly checked, thus reducing germs on the inner surface of the pipes and in the drinking water. This means that the iQ water system actively contributes to improved water quality - this not only means increased comfort for the end-user but also reduces the necessary interventions in the water supply and water quality for the water supplier. 


The current water consumption of the entire supply network or individual flows are always available


Always stay informed about the water pressure and upcoming changes


The current water temperature in network sections or at individual connections always in sight 

Through ioT-based data transmission to the iQ-Cloud, current data from the entire water network can be accessed in real-time.

The iQ water system enables a live monitoring of the water network and all integrated connection points. The relevant information from all connected consumers is transmitted to the utility anonymously and in compliance with the highest security standards. This enables water suppliers to read out important, real-time data from the entire water system and thus make decisions based on the current status - and not on the past.

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The iQ water system helps to save drinking water!

Globally, 30 - 35% of the drinking water that is transported from the water supplier to the end-user is lost. Among other things, leakages due to leaking or defective components of the water supply network are responsible for this. Often there is a lack of transparency and control in the network in order to optimally manage pipes and thus operate efficient loss management. The iQ water system creates transparency and control in the water network and thus enables a new standard of efficiency and safety.


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iQ-Water - more than SMART METERING

End-users benefit from intelligent water network monitoring - 
the advantages of the iQ water system at a glance:

Consumption data and water costs can be viewed at any time

End consumers can view all consumption data and water costs via the iQ-water app and thus optimize their own consumption.

Leakage protection

If the system detects leaks or burst pipes, the water connection is automatically shut off directly and the homeowner is immediately informed via app, thus preventing major damage.

Push message in case of limit or emergency

The app also serves simultaneously as a tool for communication from the water supplier to the consumer. In this way, the water supplier can send push messages to the affected consumers in the event of an emergency such as malfunctions or problems in the water supply.

Access to the household water supply

The homeowner can also access the water connection independently via the app and thus close or open the valve from anywhere and at any time.

Vacation mode

If no water flows for a longer period of time, the valve is automatically closed after exactly 72 hours. In addition to safety, this vacation function also serves as insurance protection because this "72-hour rule" is usually included in the contract terms of the household or homeowner's insurance.

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