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iQ waterGuard

Intelligent water network monitoring in real time. 

For water suppliers, data such as, water consumption, pressure and temperature are accessible in real-time

Relevant information is transmitted anonymously and encrypted to the utility company, enabling immediate network optimization. In this way, consumption peaks and off-peak times in the supply network can be identified.  Whereas previously only the total consumption volume was often known, consumption peaks or stagnations can be actively reduced and even flexible tariff models can be derived. In this way, the iQ water system contributes to even network utilization and enables digital and efficient pressure management.

...changes with the iQ waterGuard!

The efficient management of water pressure results in less stress on pipe systems, reducing or eliminating pipe bursts and leaks. In addition, the iQ water system, therefore, contributes to a significant reduction in the utility's energy consumption. Just a 1 bar reduction in water pressure reduces the energy consumption of the pumps that maintain the water pressure by approximately 13%. Stagnations in the pipe network can be reduced or even avoided and the water temperature can be constantly checked, thus reducing germs on the inner surface of the pipes and in the drinking water. This means that the iQ water system actively contributes to improved water quality - this not only means increased comfort for the end-user but also reduces the necessary interventions in the water supply and water quality for the water supplier. 

In a few minutes installed and set up, the iQ waterGuard gives an overview of your current water consumption and data per smartphone, tablet or computer. Furthermore, it provides additional features, like alarms and e-mail notifications in case of limit overflow or leakage detection.

Connection and operation?
Plug and Count!

A secure access point (AP) is automatically set up when the impulse unit (WG Impuls) or the attachment on the water meter (WG Sensor) is connected to the electricity network. The iQ waterGuard can be accessed via this point.

To extend the operating distance, the iQ waterGuard can additionally be connected to the house wifi and the iQ Cloud. This way, the user can access his water data from every wifi network, worldwide.

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Von jedem Gerät- alle Informationen im Blick

The iQ waterGuard captures accruing water consumption and displays the consumption data in a structured overview. The start screen displays the current consumption status and provides initial calculations. Here basic data, such as the meter reading, water/sewage prices and the selected alarm mode are displayed. In the event of excessive water consumption, the waterGuard generates an acoustic signal and, if desired, also informs the user by e-mail. 

In the menu item "Evaluations" the water consumption per day, month and year are displayed and made available to the user. Furthermore, a detailed list of individual measurements can be inspected.

Specific information such as alarms, consumption/threshold modes, leakage sensitivity and water and wastewater prices can be determined in the settings. Under the menu item "access data" the iQ waterGuard can be connected to local wifi and the iQ Cloud. Contact information can be put in as well. In this way, the user will not only be notified through an acoustic signal but also by e-mail. 

iQ water system

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Customised digitisation

• Current consumption overview

• Optimising water consumption & costs

• On request, transmission of the consumption data
to the iQ Cloud

High data protection

• Useable, without wifi connection

• Useable without registration


• Transmission of data to the iQ Cloud is  completely  optional

Security and control

• Reduction of unintentional water

• Leakage monitoring

• Reduction of monitoring expenses

• Reduction of insurance damages & incidents


• Alarms/thresholds (up to three modes)

• Emergency notification by acoustic signal and
e-mail (on request)

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