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Intelligent and safe solutions for water management.



In times of the energy crisis, tenants, homeowners and companies are desperately looking for ways to control and reduce consumption where possible. The iQ energyGuard family enables every consumer to bring transparency to their water, gas and electricity consumption, to keep an eye on costs and to identify optimization potential for savings.

The products of the iQ energyGuard family also enable your customers to bring more clarity to their own energy supply.

So why not take positive countermeasures in such extreme situations? Quite simply - offer customers added value through smart home monitoring and generate new sales potential at the same time.


Approach your customers proactively and offer them support in uncovering potential savings with the iQ energyGuard products - this promotes customer loyalty and takes you far ahead when it comes to digitization in the basic supply.

We would be happy to talk to you personally about the possibilities and advantages that the products from the iQ energyGuard family offer you and your customers.

Would you like to know in more detail what advantages the energyGuard family offers in practice? Then take a look at our white paper "Offering customers added value through smart home monitoring" or leave us your contact details to make an appointment.

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iQ waterGuard

The iQ water system offers network optimization and management for water suppliers and end customers. It starts at the point of delivery from the supplier, to the customer and enables transparency of the delivery point and the drinking water network in real-time. The digitalization of the house connection results in many opportunities and benefits for the water supplier and customer. These include intelligent metering and flexible control of water consumption (smart metering). 

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iQ gasGuard

The iQ gasGuard is your personal guard for your gas connection at home. It also warns you if you use more gas than you want. At the same time, you can also see how your gas consumption is developing and keep a close eye on what costs you can expect now or in the future.

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iQ powerGuard - coming soon

Also available soon!

The iQ powerGuard gives you a complete overview of your power consumption

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