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Intelligent and safe solutions for water management.

iQ water system

The iQ water system offers network optimization and management for water suppliers and end customers. It starts at the point of delivery from the supplier, to the customer and enables transparency of the delivery point and the drinking water network in real-time. The digitalization of the house connection results in many opportunities and benefits for the water supplier and customer. These include intelligent metering and flexible control of water consumption (smart metering). 


iQ TrackIT

Standpipes are lent by water supply companies for the withdrawal of water from the supply network and thus play a major role in the safe supply of drinking water. Information or data on the standpipe and its components such as water meters or system separators, as well as information about the tenant, are often still recorded in a troublesome manner on paper.

Digital standpipe management with iQ TrackIT offers further key advantages in addition to simple administration, maintenance and loan of standpipes. Rented standpipes can be located via the TrackIT system during their entire use and useful information about their usage can be retrieved in real-time at any time.

PC Grafik TrackIT_Durchsichtig.png

iQ LockIT

Underground hydrants play an important role in access to the drinking water system. They are used for drinking water withdrawal and thus have a direct connection to the drinking water network. Therefore, they bear a permanent risk for unauthorized access and manipulation of the water network. 

iQ LockIT is a mechanical lock that allows access to underground hydrants as well as valves exclusively with an individual electronic key. Therefore iQ LockIT secures the drinking water network against contamination or poisoning.

Currently, iQ LockIT is being tested as a prototype.

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BEULCO Standrohrmanager

The management of standpipes is usually associated with a high complex workload. The BEULCO Standpipe Manager is a management program for the rental of standpipes. Thus, it enables effective and clear management of standpipes through the digitalization of the administrative processes. From the clear inventory overview to the simple contract management, as well as the reminders for upcoming system separator inspections, intermediate readings or meter hand-ins. With the standpipe manager, all aspects of standpipe management are in one system.

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