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Intelligent and safe solutions for water management.

Why drinking water?

Drinking water is the most important resource - and a limited one. We have made it our mission to protect drinking water with new, intelligent and digital solutions and to help water suppliers manage this valuable resource in the best possible, efficient and sustainable way. Our goal is to give everyone access to clean and affordable water.

Where do we come from?

iQ water solutions is the digital brand of BEULCO. BEULCO GmbH & Co. KG is a manufacturer of products and systems for water supply. We are focusing on building connection technology and mobile water supply. We are at your side with 70 years of experience in the industry and support you in taking the next steps towards a sustainable water supply. 

Why digitization in water supply?

BEULCO is a family-run company with a long tradition. A few years ago we started to deal internally with the topic of digitization and Industry 4.0. At first, there were many doubts as to whether this would be expedient at all - do we need it? Isn't everything going well as before? - We noticed what benefits and endless potential digitalization offers for the company in all areas. This also led to the conviction that digitization offers precisely these opportunities, possibilities and potential for companies in the water supply.


innovation, experience, network

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Abhishek Bhanderi

Electronics development

B.Eng Mechatronics-

Pursuing M.Sc. Automation 

and Robotics

Hanna Kaldenbach

Team Support

B.A. Angewandte Sprachwissenschaften

Hiten Pandya

Platform development

B.Eng. Information Technology 

Dharmraj Thakur

Platform development

M.CA – B.Sc. Information Technology



Suraj  Pratap Singh Rathore


Bachelors' in Computer Application (BCA)

  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Martin Lange

M.Eng Techn. Management/ Dipl. Wirsch-Ing.

  • over 15 years of experience in sales and product development

  • Expertise in business development

  • Marketing expert

  • Networker



Development of network, cooperation, partnerships, business development, development and implementation of patent, product / sales / marketing strategies, market development, P&L responsibility,

  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Rushi Vyas

M.Sc Telekommunikationsingenieur

  • 15 years of experience in network and software development

  • international experience

  • Project management




Conception of software products for the new hardware systems (software developers), responsible for IT solutions as part of the new products (e.g. apps, databases), responsibility for all data protection and data security issues, second-level support IT

  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Alexander Gegner

M.Sc  Management 

  • over 7 years of  experience in management and marketing

  • Marketing expert

  • Networker


 Innovation management, product ownership, project management, development and implemententation of  marketing and branding strategies

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